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What is rotary valve

What is rotary valve

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Rotary valve is a kind of valve in which the channel in the transverse plug or the rotation of the channel regulates the movement of liquid or gas through the connecting pipe. The common plug valve is the simplest rotary valve. Rotary valves are now used in a variety of applications, including: changing the pitch of brass instruments. The steam and exhaust ports of the steam engine are controlled, most notably in the Corliss steam engine.

Periodically reverse the air and fuel flow through the open hearth. Load the sample onto the column.

Some types of two stroke engines. Most hydraulic vehicles have power steering control valves. In industry, rotary valves are used to regulate the flow of products, usually reducing the flow to a level more suitable for the ongoing process. A typical application is to feed a weighing hopper or a mill that may be blocked by the product!

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