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What are the types of rotary valves?

What are the types of rotary valves?

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What are the types of rotary valves? Today, Tianlan environmental protection editor tells us:

Rotary valve, also known as discharge valve, can be divided into three types according to its type

The first is butterfly valve. Butterfly valve is mainly the use of baffles and blades to turn the shaft as the center, which has a certain angle to control the direction of flow. The shape of baffle and blade looks like a butterfly. The butterfly valve is mainly used to cut off and regulate, which is more suitable for some slurry fluid and fluid with some suspended solids.

The second is the ball valve, its special feature is that the valve core is a ball body with a round hole. When the valve is open, the fluid can pass through. If the ball body rotates 90 degrees to cut off the flow, its pressure drop is small, and it is suitable for high temperature and high pressure fluids.


The third is the plunger valve, which is mainly applied to the switch press system.

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