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What are the advantages of rotary valve?

What are the advantages of rotary valve?

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With the continuous improvement of economy, it promotes the continuous development of industry. According to the different needs of industry, the types of industrial equipment are different, and rotary valve is no exception. When using rotary valve, what advantages does it have? Today, Tianlan Xiaobian tells you:

1. According to the principle of planetary rotation which is considered to be very suitable, the input and output shafts are on the same axis and are directly connected with the motor. Therefore, it has the characteristics of compact structure, compact shape and light weight.


2. It has excellent sealing performance, average and stable feeding, safe and stable discharging operation, low noise, few faults, long service life and high wear resistance.

3. The bearing, gear box and valve body are far away from the influence of high temperature dust. The tight sealing performance of the front and rear end covers is very good, which avoids the leakage of dust and prolongs the service life of motor parts and lubricating oil system.

4. The experience of reprint is very strong, and the inertia force of impact resistance is also very small. It is suitable for many times of starting and horizontal and vertical rotation.

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