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Working principle of star discharger

Working principle of star discharger

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The star type discharger is used to install at the discharge port of the discharger working under negative pressure. The upper part receives the material discharged from the discharger. The rotating impeller plays the role of conveying material and sealing, preventing air from being inhaled from the discharge port in the process of pneumatic conveying, ensuring the normal discharge of the discharger. As a special discharge equipment, the star type discharger valve is in the process of cleaning and cleaning Work has played a great role, so it is necessary to summarize some of its characteristics, so that we can better understand and maintain the star discharge valve, and give play to its greater ability. Today, Tianlan environmental protection editor will talk about the working principle of the star discharger


1、 Star type discharger is often used in pneumatic output system. For pressure output system or negative pressure output system, star type discharger valve can supply material to conveying pipe evenly and continuously. In order to ensure that the gas and solid in the pneumatic output pipe are relatively stable, so that the pneumatic conveying can work normally. At the same time, the air pressure at the upper and lower parts of the discharger can be cut off to lock the air. Therefore, star type ash discharge valve is an important component commonly used in pneumatic conveying system.

2、 When the material in the upper bin falls by its own weight, it fills the gap between the blades and discharges at the lower part with the rotation of the blades. Therefore, the star type ash discharge valve can discharge quantitatively and continuously.


3、 The star discharger can be used in the material collection system as the discharge valve of the silo. Star type ash discharge valve is an advanced discharging device in China, which is often used in dust removal system as one of the important equipment of dust removal system. It is especially suitable for dust and small particle materials. It is widely used in engineering projects of environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, grain, cement, road construction, drying equipment and other industries.

4、 The temperature of the material transported by the temperature resistant type can reach 280 ° C. the bearings at both ends are isolated from the impeller to a certain extent, which can prevent the superfine powder from contacting with the bearing. The temperature of the material transported by the high-temperature ash unloader can reach 500 ° C, and the chain wheel is used for connection. There is a certain distance between the reducer and the shell of the discharger.

The structure of star type discharger is composed of rotor impeller, shell, seal, reducer and motor with several blades. Star type discharger is also called rotary feeder, air lock valve, star type ash discharge valve, star type discharger, star type discharger, ash discharge valve and air shut-off device.

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