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What are the advantages of star dischargers?

What are the advantages of star dischargers?

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What are the advantages of star discharger? Today, Tianlan environmental protection editor tells us:

1. The star discharger has high separation efficiency and low resistance. For granular materials (such as wheat, rice, husk, etc.), the separation efficiency is higher; for powdery materials, the separation efficiency is relatively low.

2. The star discharger has stable performance, even and continuous discharge. When the conveying conditions change (such as the change of air flow or conveying concentration), it should also have a stable separation capacity.

3. The structure of star discharger is simple. Easy to maintain and manufacture. Long service life. Easy to wear parts can be removed and replaced. There are more transparent parts for observation and operation.

4. The star type discharger has the function of "one air multi-purpose". For the unloader used for granular materials (such as raw grain), it should have the function of "one air and multi-purpose". At the same time of discharging, the dust and light impurities can be removed, and the surface of the material can be cleaned by friction

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