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Th bucket elevator

Th bucket elevator

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Th bucket elevator product overview:

Th series bucket elevator is an updated product of HL type bucket elevator. Compared with HL type bucket elevator, this type bucket elevator has the advantages of large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable and reliable operation, long service life, etc.

Th series bucket elevator structure features:

(1) The hopper capacity is close to the actual filling capacity, and the operation speed is increased, which is nearly double the conveying capacity of HL bucket elevator with the same bucket width;

(2) The assembly structure of the upper and lower chain wheels makes it easy to replace the wheel flange and reduce the maintenance cost;

(3) The lower part is purchased with a heavy hammer lever type tensioning device, which can automatically and constantly maintain the tensioning force, avoid the chain bucket slipping off the chain, and make the equipment in the best operation state;

(4) Forging ring chain is used for lifting chain, double chain external bucket is used for lifting chain, backstop is set at the head, and backstop is reliable;

Th series bucket elevator material bucket type and handling mode:

The hopper of this conveyor has two bucket types: zh type is medium deep bucket, which is generally suitable for conveying wet and sticky materials that are difficult to throw out, such as wet sand, molding sand, chemical fertilizer, alkali powder, clay, etc.; SH type is deep bucket, which is generally suitable for conveying dry and loose materials that are easy to throw out, such as stone, coal, raw cement, slag and cement, etc.

The bucket elevator is a kind of take out loading, mixing or gravity discharging machine. It is suitable for conveying bulk powder, paper and hemp materials with bulk density not more than 1.5/m3, and the material temperature is not more than 250 ℃.

Outline diagram of th bucket elevator (right mounted type)

Technical parameters of th bucket elevator:

External dimension and connection dimension of th bucket elevator:
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