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Pneumatic four way distributing valve

Pneumatic four way distributing valve

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Product overview of pneumatic four-way distributing valve:

DFC electric (manual, electro-hydraulic and pneumatic) three-way distributing valves are type I and type II with guide plate. Type I is side three-way distributing valve, type II is positive three-way distributing valve, and four-way distributing valve is type III and type IV with guide plate. Type III is two in two out, and type IV is one in three out.

This valve is a series of products developed by our factory in cooperation with relevant design institutes according to the market demand. It is an ideal equipment for controlling the material express reversing in the material conveying system. It is widely used in the conveying of solid particles and powder materials in building materials, metallurgy, mining, light industry, grain and other industries.

It adopts high quality steel plate welding structure, small volume, light weight, small resistance, and is driven by electric push rod, electro-hydraulic push rod and pneumatic push rod, which can switch the material flow direction.

The valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve shaft, valve plate, crank mechanism and push rod (electro-hydraulic push rod, pneumatic push rod or manual mechanism). When working, the linear reciprocating motion of the electric and hydraulic push rod (manually driven by external force) drives the valve shaft and valve plate to swing at a certain angle through the crank, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the flow direction of materials and distributing materials.

Description for model of pneumatic four-way distributing valve:

Technical parameters of pneumatic four-way distributing valve:

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