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jet pump

jet pump

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Introduction to jet pump:

Jet pump is a kind of fluid power pump. Fluid power pump has no mechanical transmission and mechanical working components. It uses the energy of another working fluid as the power source to transport low-energy liquid. When it is used to pump flammable and explosive materials, it has good safety. Jet vacuum pump is a kind of equipment that uses the high-speed jet through the nozzle to remove the gas in the container to obtain vacuum, also known as jet vacuum pump. In chemical production, the purpose is to produce vacuum.


Working principle of jet pump:

Industrial jet pump, also known as jet pump and ejector. A pump that uses the jet action of high pressure working fluid to transport fluid. It is composed of nozzle, mixing chamber and expansion tube. In order to make the operation smooth, a vacuum chamber (also called suction chamber) is set at the throat; in order to make the two kinds of fluids can be fully mixed, there is a mixing chamber behind the vacuum chamber. During operation, the working fluid is ejected from the nozzle at a high speed, forming a low pressure in the vacuum chamber, so that the transported liquid is sucked into the vacuum chamber, and then enters the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber, the high-energy working fluid and the low-energy transported liquid are fully mixed, so that the energy is exchanged with each other and the speed is gradually consistent. When entering the diffusion chamber from the throat, the speed slows down and the static pressure rises, so as to achieve the purpose of transporting liquid. [1]


Types and applications of jet pumps:

The working fluid of jet pump can be gas (air or steam) and liquid. The common ones are steam jet pump, air jet pump and water jet pump. There is also a kind of jet pump with oil as medium, namely oil diffusion pump and oil booster pump, which are the main equipment used to obtain high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum. [2]

Application scope of jet pump:

Jet pump is suitable for high temperature, high pressure and high vacuum fields, such as vacuum evaporation, vacuum drying, vacuum refrigeration and vacuum distillation. It can also lift liquid, alkali or suspension containing abrasive. It is also suitable for special environment with strong radiation.


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