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Electric double flap valve 2

Electric double flap valve 2

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Overview of electric double deck valve products:


The electric double-layer duplicating ash discharge valve, also known as the air lock feeder, is driven by the cylinder or reducer. Through the crank, cam and connecting rod, the upper and lower transmission shafts are respectively driven to rotate and open alternately. The lever system or extension spring is equipped to ensure the reliable reset of the valve plate and prevent the wild wind blowing in. The feeding and unloading of the system is completed according to the determined opening and closing frequency. The machine has compact structure and flat work Stable and reliable, widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other industries, as all kinds of dust removal equipment hopper discharge device and all kinds of mill, dryer, silo and other equipment to discharge device.

Schematic diagram of electric double deck valve:

Main technical parameters of electric double deck valve

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