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Working principle of explosion proof star discharger

Working principle of explosion proof star discharger

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As a unique discharging equipment, the explosion-proof star unloader has a great effect in ash removal and cleaning. For example, in some manufacturing plants, the temperature of materials produced is very high. If only general machinery and equipment are used, it is very easy to cause potential safety hazards. At this moment, explosion-proof star unloaders must be launched.

The working principle of the explosion-proof star type discharger is introduced in this article

1、 Explosion proof star unloader is commonly used in the power output system software. For the working pressure output system software or air pressure output system software, the explosion-proof star unloader can evenly and continuously feed the chain conveyor pipe. In order to ensure that the gas and solid in the power output pipe are relatively stable, so that the pneumatic conveying system can work normally. In addition, the standard air pressure at the upper and lower sides of the star discharger can be separated to have the function of air lock. Therefore, the explosion-proof star unloader is a common key component in pneumatic conveying.

2、 When the raw materials of the upper hopper fall down by weight, they are filled in the gap between the leaves and discharged at the bottom with the rotation of the leaves. Therefore, the explosion-proof star unloader can quantitatively analyze and continuously pour the material.

3、 The explosion-proof star unloader can be used in the raw material collection system software as the star unloader of hopper. The explosion-proof star unloader is the dumping equipment in China at the present stage, which is commonly used as one of the key equipment in the dust removal equipment. It is very suitable for smoke and dust, small and fine particle materials, and is highly preferred by construction projects in environmental protection, metallurgical industry, chemical plant, grain, concrete, road construction, drying equipment and other industrial production and manufacturing industries.


4、 The temperature of the raw materials transported by the high temperature resistant type reaches 280 ° C. the rolling bearings on both sides and the centrifugal impeller are protected to prevent the particles from touching the rolling bearings. The temperature of raw materials transported by the heat-resistant star unloader reaches 500 ° C, and the chain wheel and chain are used for connection. There is a gap between the reducer and the star discharger housing.

The structure of explosion-proof star type discharger, also known as general explosion-proof dumping, is composed of centrifugal impeller of motor rotor with several leaves, casing, hydraulic seal, reducer, motor, etc. the explosion-proof star type discharger is also known as rotary feeder, lock valve, explosion-proof star type discharger, explosion-proof lower feeder, air blower, etc.

(1) According to the basic principle of large planet rotation, the I / O axis is on the same center line, and has the richness of direct connection with the motor, so the structure is compact, the shape design is beautiful and novel, and the weight is light.

(2) The product has the advantages of good sealing performance, stable feeder, stable dumping operation, low noise, few common faults, long service life and high wear resistance.

(3) Rolling bearing, gear box, oil way plate and high temperature dust hazard are avoided. The sealing performance of front and rear left and right bearing end covers is good, dust leakage is avoided, and the service life of mobile parts and air intake system is increased.

(4) The machine has the advantages of strong load working ability, small impact resistance moment of inertia, and is suitable for frequent starting and short rotation.

(5) According to customers must be equipped with a unique special motor, such as explosion-proof, frequency modulation, variable speed, marine motor, etc., to meet customer needs. In terms of materials, we can also carry out unique production and processing according to customers' requirements, such as heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel plate, soft leaves, explosion-proof centrifugal impeller, etc. Customers need unique specifications and models, non-standard housing, electric, manual, drive belt, sprocket chain drive system.

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