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Characteristics of star discharger

Characteristics of star discharger

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Ruian Tianlan environmental protection equipment is a professional manufacturer of dischargers. Dischargers have many names. Today's Tianlan environmental protection editor mainly talks about the characteristics of star dischargers

Characteristics of star discharger:

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to use.

2. Stable operation and low noise.

3. Due to the bearing, gearbox away from the shell for a certain distance, for high temperature, lubrication has been greatly improved.

4. It can be designed and manufactured according to user's requirements.

5. Before leaving the factory, the product is filled with special grease for cycloid reducer. Please check and refuel regularly. Star type discharger is often used in pneumatic output system. For pressure output system or negative pressure output system, star type discharger supplies material to the conveying pipe evenly and continuously to ensure that the gas and solid in the pneumatic output pipe are relatively stable, so that the pneumatic conveying can work normally. At the same time, it can block the upper and lower air pressure of discharger to lock the air, Star discharger is an important part in pneumatic conveying system.

Working principle of star discharger:

When the material in the upper bin falls by its own weight and fills the gap between the blades, the upper part is discharged with the rotation of the blades. Therefore, the star discharger can discharge the material quantitatively and continuously. The star discharger is also called discharger, rotary feeder and air lock valve. Generally, the star discharger is composed of rotor, impeller, shell, seal, reducer and motor with several blades

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